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About Us

The OC BRAZIL BUSINESS CLUB brings Brazilians and Opportunities together in Southern California through networking and masterminds meetings.Built by a community of Brazilians and foreigners, the OC BR CLub events are monthly opportunities for self and community empowerment. Therefore we welcome to our innitiatives everyone interested in grow personally and professionaly though mutual empowerment, networking and professional training.



Provide networking events, training, expert lectures and encourage the local Brazilian community to become competitive and prepared to do business with anyone in the US.



Establish a worldwide platform for growth through inspiration and mutual empowerment to help Brazilians realize their dreams anywhere in the world.



You will be inspired by people with whom you can relate professionally, commercially or culturally, as we invite anyone to join our community, not just the people in business.

Networking and Professional Training

Providing a welcoming environment for immigrants, we have created an annual calendar where members can benefit from monthly meetings to get to know each other, promote their business and strengthen their interpersonal and business skills, making them even more competitive in the North American market. Here are some of the topics we discussed during our networking events:
  1. Networking Skills
  2. Entrepreneurship in the US
  3. Personal and relationship marketing
  4. English Communication Skills Development
  5. Emotional intelligence
  6. Oratory
  7. Marketing and Communication in Business
  8. Personal and business finance

Spotlight Members


Brazuca Bites

Apresentamos a família Brazuca Bites participantes do OC Brazil Business Club desde 2016 e atual membro Premium. A tradição familiar inspirada pelo trabalho da Vó Fiúca e da Vó Mara é uma lembrança forte na memória da Tati Marques.


Sol Figueredo

A Arquiteta e Designer de Interiores, Sol Figueiredo faz parte da nossa comunidade de profissionais e empresários brasileiros e estrangeiros que vivem no Sul da Califórnia. Hoje vamos conhecer mais sobre ela e sobre seu negócio, a  Sol Interiores. 


Daniele Green | Coastal Smiles

Platinum Member Spotlight ▪️Estamos crescendo! Dra. Daniele Green junta-se à missão do Clube em empoderar outros brasileiros a conquistarem seu espaço no mercado americano como nossa Platinum Member.


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