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How to become a member

To become a member of the OC BRAZIL BUSINESS CLUB  participants* must register, choose a specific membership category and pay the membership annual fee.

Who can be a Member

*Nationalities: Brazilians and Foreign senior level professionals, small business and corporations focused on the positive impact and growth of the Brazilian Community excellence without offering commercial conflict to any member or sponsor.

Benefits to Become a Member

1) Events:
- You can join 2 In-Person Group Networking Meetings
- 2 Digital Events without having to pay tickets during 12 months.
- In Person Networking, Mastermind and Mixers events are not scheduled due to COVID 19 restrictions.

2) Raise Your Profile
- Networking and Meeting new people every month
- Offering Quality Content to our group ( check the rules of engagement and criteria)

3) Your Business will be associated with a Professional Organization

4) Cross Marketing
- You can have your Business Specials and Monthly agenda advertised on our Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group (Brasileiras no Sul da California) and monthly Newsletter (ask for more information)

4) Community Building
- Telegram Group: You can join our channel to interact and learn with other members.

6) Panels & Lives
- Be our Guest and together we will be creating quality content to the public!



Individual: Consultant, freelancers, Professionals

Pessoa Fisica ou Juridica - Join our Club as a Service Provider.



Small Business, Companies

Pessoa Jurídica - Join our Club representing your Company, your Store, your Retail!



2 + people from the same family or company

Pessoa Fisica ou Jurídica - Join our Club representing your Family, Company, your Store, your Retail!

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