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To become a member of the BRAZIL BUSINESS CLUB in 2020  participants* must register, choose a specific membership category and pay the membership annual fee.

The first event of 2020 in January will be open for members and non-members. However, Non-members won´t be allowed to join the following events. They wil need to sign up a membrship.

*Nationalities: Brazilians and Foreign senior level professionals, small business and corporations focused on the positive impact and growth of the Brazilian Community excellence without offering commercial conflict to any member or sponsor.


Benefits of the annual registration fee

This is the standard benefits to all membership category.

  • 6 Connect OC Brazil Mixer per year
  • Enjoy an exclusive discount list offered by members
  • Receive monthly Newsletter to be informed about calendar of events, special events, marketing and businesses opportunities.
  • Event tickets fee are differentiated
  • 20% Discount in all marketing, Creative and Communications services
  • Get included in our website and in our event directory.



To increase your network list  - For individuals, professionals and companies

Join our events anytime and at all of our locations - OC, SD, LA - to connect with Key business owners & top performance executives. Your business name will be included in our on-line directory and in our newsletter list. Join our round of businesses and elevator pitches during the events.



To showcase your business - - For individuals, professionals and companies

Display your products and services at our events. Include your business in our editorial content marketing program and let us promote your brand: podcast interviews, IG interview, Branding Photoshoot blog post, Social Media Bio-Videos and Business visit videos



To be our Spotlights - - For individuals, professionals and companies

1+ 2 + 3 + 4= Increase your Brand visibility associating your Brand to the Brazil Business Club´s brand. Join forces with us to increase your reach through our platforms and resources. Business Host, Keynote Speaker, Painelist and Event presenter opportunities.

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