Philanthropist, Creative Entrepreneur, Brand Strategist, Photographer and Multimedia Journalist

"We now have the opportunity to meet and grow fueled by inspiration and mutual empowerment. We will learn from people who speak our language and know well the immigration journey. What we do is to encourage Brazilians to help each other and grow into a united self-supported community."

Being a foreigner in the United States changed the way I saw the Brazilian immigrant diaspora and blossomed my profound desire to help my compatriots to thrive personally, professionally and culturally in the USA in the shortest and less painful way as possible. 

So I decided to work voluntarily with the Consulate of Brazil in Los Angeles and soon I became the leader of the Southern California Brazilian Immigrants Council helping families to adjust and learn their way through educational programs, information and networking events.

Helping others utilizing my professional skills opened a magical door to a new life in the US and it encouraged me to do more for my people.


In 2016 I founded the OC Brazil Business Club - the first Brazilian Networking Club for Brazilian professionals and business owners in Southern California.

The Club is an organization that produces B2B and B2C creative marketing solutions. From setting up business like-minded people with potential consumers and key people to collaborate with, to bringing light to technical, social and marketing issues, the OC Brazil Business Club became a space where Brazilians and foreigners - interested in doing business with the community - grow together through mutual empowerment and networking.

Today, the OC Brazil Business Club is recognized as the organization that represents the Brazilian Culture of entrepreneurs in Orange County.  We work empowering the social efforts from the official Institutions from Brazil in SoCal, such as, The Consulate of Brazil in Los Angeles and the Brazil California Chamber of Commerce.


is the mother-company and the executive producer of the OC Brazil Business Club.

I am a brand strategist and a multimedia journalist based in Orange County, CA. I am the CEO of Collabore Brands, a creative communication boutique-style company that helps small business owners and influencers from Brazil in their international expansion to the US.  

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