Connect OC Brazil: The Value of Competition with Rosalia Schwark

ORANGE COUNTY, CA Entrepreneurship – Marketing – Business The CONNECT OC BRAZIL MIXER  – May 2019 gathered a group of Business Owners to network and grow new opportunitiess to their business. Spotlight Rosalia Schwark, Brazilian psychologist  and psycho neuroscience specialist,  was  the Keynote Speaker to discuss THE VALUE OF COMPETITION IN THE MARKETPLACE. The OC…

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Connect OC Brazil Mixer: February 2019

(Orange County, CA) – What an awesome networking event at the Temakira Hand Rolls in Irvine. Hosted by Brazilian Entrepreneur, Ilka Komatsu, the second Connect OC Brazil Mixer gathered an exclusive group of Brazilian and foreigner entrepreneurs, executives and small business owners from several segments of the industry. Once again, the attendees had an opportunity…

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