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The OC Brazil Business Club is a growing community of Brazilians and foreigner entrepreneurs, senior-level professionals and business owners based in Southern California interested in growing their businesses through mutual empowerment, networking, and growth.

We also welcome Brazilian entrepreneurs based at anywhere in the world to join and participate in our Club. From distant locations, Virtual members can get access to our members via whatsApp group, introduce their businesses, exchange international experiencies, promote their brands or talk about their dreams to become a Brazilian Business owner in Southern California.

Professionals, Business Owners & Companies

The OC Brazil Business Club networking events are a marketing platform ideal for Brazilian expats based in the same location to meet, network and support each one's businesses

Expats in Career change & Executives

Sometimes all we want is  to be inspired by people who came before us!   Meet compatriots who have been through the immigration journey and have found their place in Southern California.

Foreign consumers, professionals, business owners and collaborators

Everyone interested in working with the local Brazilian Business community is welcome to become a member and attend the  events.  We host bilingual events. 



The OC Brazil Business Club mission is to provide all members a forum through networking events, training, presentations or lectures from experts about specific aspects of different fields, and a strong web presence utilizing other online tools with excellent digital content to contribute to careers and business growth.


To become a model and reference of  Brazilian Business community focused on mutual empowerment and direct growth in the USA.

Core Values

The OC BRAZIL BUSINESS CLUB purpose is driven by the following core values:

  • Pride & Community first: We are a community of Brazilian proud of Brazilians talents, services, ideas, and work.
  • Honesty & Integrity are the basis of any relationship built within the OC Brazil Business Club
  • Mutual empowerment & Collaboration: Expect to help others.
  • Respect for others and Peace: the foundation of all of the commitment within the Brazilian Business Community on the respectful and peaceful relationship.
  • Professionalism & Excellence: The Club is the platform for improving skills and seeking excellence in serving others.

Check the images of some of our networking events

In 2017 we held 10 networking events in different formats and objectives.

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