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What you want your story to be in 2020?

by Guest Speaker Dra. Daniele Green

"In a blink of eye we will welcome the new year and also lots of new resolutions for a happier 2020 - just like we do every year. So, how about your 2019 resolutions? Did you accomplish all of them or just some of them? What happened? What do you want to do differently in 2020?

Our last networking event in 2019 was an authentic Brazilian luncheon where attendees networked and got inspired by the exclusive talk by Dra. Daniele Green.

The goal of the last event of the year was to offer an opportunity for attendees to review their performances while reflecting ways to  So, make the most of the new year identifying your challenges to leave behind what no longer serve you personally and professionally? 

  • Luncheon event ticket included: full Fogo dining experience of fire -roasted meats, Market table, side dishes and dessert, fountain beverages, coffee and tea.

About the Guest Speaker

Dra. Danielle Green is the owner of Coastal Smiles in Newport Beach. Her journey to become a U.S. trained dentist started in 2004.

She firmely believes that brick walls are there to test how bad we want something.

At our next OC Brazil Business Club meeting we looked the stories that we are telling ourselves and could be keeping us stuck.

Check out the Photo Gallery of the event!

Images are provided by Photographer Ruth de Souza - We really appreciate your collaboration to our last event of the year.

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