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October 2019: First Breakfast networking event in LA

Challenges & Influence: How the empowerment of the Brazilian Community will benefit the expansion of Business and Brands outside Brazil

About this Event

On October 24th of 2019, the OC Brazil Business Club and Tidelli Outdoor Living will be hosting the first networking event for Brazilian Entrepreneurs, Professional and Business Owners.

This is the opportunity for everyone who wants to meet with key people who speak Portuguese and have experience in the Southern California market.

The OC Brazil Business Club events have a welcoming atmosphere where people are there to exchange, inspire and be inspired - so even if you are not in business, you can attend our event. This month, Tatiana Mandelli, founder of Tidelli Outdoor living, will host the breakfast event at Tidelli Outdoor Living in West Hollywood. She will also be part of our panel to discuss how the empowerment of the Brazilian community benefits business and brand expansion outside Brazil.

Special Guests:

  • Gisele Ambrosio, Attorney of the Brazilian Consulate
  • Cynthia Maio, Ornare - Marketing and Business development in the US

Brazilian Spotlight: Ted Falcon, is a musician who enchants our Brazilian hearts performing the best of Brazil in his Violin and Bandolin. Great chance to meet and connect with him!

Limited seats.

Register here.

Guest Speakers

Aryadne Woodbridge - October 2019
Aryadne Woodbridge - October 2019

Aryadne Woodbridge is a Brazilian immigrant in the US, a social mobilizer and a creative entrepreneur with a background in business communication and commercial photography. In 2016 she founded two brands: Collabore Brands Communication and multimedia productions and the OC Brazil Business Club, an entrepreneurship and networking club to help hundreds of high-performing Brazilians to adapt culturally, professionally and commercially in Southern California.

Tatiana Mandelli -October 2019
Tatiana Mandelli -October 2019

The creative mind of Tatiana Mandelli.
Working in the furniture and decoration market for more than 30 years, Tatiana commands Tidelli’s commercial and marketing department in Brazil, the USA, and Europe. Tatiana’s edge is attributed to her ability to bridge her experience and vision as a businesswoman and interior designer. She moved from Brazil to California 4 years ago with the mission to expand worldwide her family-owned business.

Gisele Ambrósio - October 2019
Gisele Ambrósio - October 2019

Premiada múltiplas vezes, a advogada brasileira e americana Gisele Ambrósio, acumula mais de 16 anos de prática em Direito. Seus escritórios focam em Imigração, Contratos, Direito Internacional e de Família no Brasil e nos EUA. Ela também é a advogada do Consulado Brasileiro de Los Angeles há oito anos. 🍃 A Dra. Gisele Ambrosio representa os interesses da comunidade como porta voz dos brasileiros que vivem na região a do Sul da California no CRBE (Conselho Regional de Brasileiros no exterior) perante o Itamaraty desde 2013 e como Presidente do Conselho de Cidadãos Por 10 anos. Atualmente também é diretora do comitê de Small Business da @brazilcalifornia -Câmara de Comércio Brazil California apoiando o associativismo comercial entre brasileiros empreendedores.

Cynthia Maio - October 2019

Graduated in Social Communication and Marketing.

He has worked for 8 years in Product Marketing at companies such as Alpargatas, VF Corporation and Grupo Dass.
One year ago it started operating the Ornare brand in Los Angeles.
Lives in Los Angeles for 1 year and a half.

Brazilian Spotlight

Ted Falcon - October 2019

Born in New York, violinist , mandolinist and composer , Ted Falcon grew up in a musical family list ening t o jazz and t he Brazilian music of Villa-Lobos, Tom Jobim and Luiz Bonfá. 

Ted has lived and worked as a professional musician in New York City, Los Angeles, São Paulo and Brasília (Brazil). In August of 2016, he moved back to Los Angeles after living in Brazil for 8 years. He is recognized in the music industry as a leader and catalyst of Brazilian Choro in the U.S.

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