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Meet our next Speaker, marketing strategist Catarina Monnier

I, the entrepreneur 

Catarina Monnier


Originally from Florianopolis, Brazil, Catarina Monnier is the founder of Flow Online Marketing based in San Clemente, CA.  She will be the Connect OC Brazil Mixer August 2019 Keynote speaker.

We interviewed the marketing strategist to share with our audience  a bit more about her story as an immigrant and entrepreneur in Southern California.

Catarina Monnier_ 2019-13

We met Catarina in Newport Coast, CA for the interview.

(OC BB Club): How long do you live in Southern California?

Catarina Monnier: 14 years.

(OC BB Club): What is your favorite place in Orange County?

Catarina Monnier:San Clement where I live.

(OC BB Club): What is your favorite thing to do in OC?

Catarina Monnier: I like to explore parks and beaches.

(OC BB Club): What is the best side of being an entrepreneur?

Catarina Monnier: To be able to make a difference in my clients life.

(OC BB Club): What is the hardest thing of being an immigrant?

Catarina Monnier:  I think it is to learn how life works,  to understand new culture and the reality of being self accountable most of the time.

(OC BB Club): What do you like the most about the OC BRAZIL BUSINESS CLUB?

Catarina Monnier:  The Club gives the members the sense of mutual empowerment and accountability.

(OC BB Club): Tell us 3 books that have influenced your life, please. 

Catarina Monnier:  Firstly, The lean Startup (Eric Ries), Secondly, Think and grow Rich (Napoleon Hill), and thirdly, 4 Hours a week of work (Tim Ferris) .



About the Next Mixer

The OC Brazil Business Club invites you to join our next networking event with special guest

Catarina Monnier
Marketing Consultant, Flow Online Marketing

About the lecture:

Learn how to make sales an easy, fast, and a no-brainer task
3 no-intimidating ways to follow-up with your prospects and clients to close more sales.

When: Thursday, Aug 15th, 6 - 8:30 pm

Bring your business card and be ready to network with professionals from the Brazilian community



It may not be that natural to be in front of your prospects and clients asking for the sale. Regardless if you like it or not, the truth is: if you are not being seen, you are not being remembered! It must be done.

In a busier than ever world (that is fighting for your prospect’s attention), learning how to do a proper follow-up to be top-of-mind is mandatory to any business.

The good news is nowadays there are tools to make the task faster, easier and a no-brainer. Are you following-up in a no-intimidating way to save you the feeling of embracement, time and money? Come to our event on Aug 15th and learn how!

We’ll cover:

- How much you have been missing for not following-up properly with your prospects;

- The 2 biggest mistakes most businesses do on their follow-up;

- how to overcome your fear of following up and asking for the sale in easy 3 steps;

- What tools you need to keep you organized and on point with each client.

Keynote Speaker´s Bio

Marketing consultant and investor, Catarina Monnier delivers business success through a holistic and well-crafted marketing and sales plan and execution.

As her company’s name suggests, she focuses on bridging marketing and sales through a tailored follow-up and nurturing sequence, that automatically leads the prospects to become a paying client smoothly. She structured her business 100% online (intentionally to help more clients, and to fit her ‘travel bug’ life-style).

What to expect from our Mixers:

  • Non-alcooholic beverages.
  • hors d'oeuvre
  • English and portuguese speaking
  • 30-60 people
  • Multi national attendess from several industries backgrounds
  • a 30 second round of attendess Elevator Pitch (optional)
  • Dress code: professional

Catarina Monnier by the photography of Aryadne Woodbridge

Catarina Monnier
Catarina Monnier
Catarina Monnier
Catarina Monnier
Catarina Monnier
Catarina Monnier
Catarina Monnier
Catarina Monnier
Catarina Monnier
Catarina Monnier

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