Connect OC Brazil: The Value of Competition with Rosalia Schwark


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The CONNECT OC BRAZIL MIXER  - May 2019 gathered a group of Business Owners to network and grow new opportunitiess to their business.


Rosalia Schwark, Brazilian psychologist  and psycho neuroscience specialist,  was  the Keynote Speaker to discuss THE VALUE OF COMPETITION IN THE MARKETPLACE.

The OC Brazil Business Club´s goals

  1. To offer a networking channel to Brazilians and anyone interested in doing business with the local brazilian community to meet and network
  2. to offer the attendees a reflection on how to grow professionally utilizing neurosciences techniques to improve emotional intelligence to deal with challenges in their businesses and careers.

We are grateful to meet and know more about he large group of attendees who were able to join us. Thank you! It is always wonderful to create opportunities for Brazilians and anyone to grow together.

About Rosalia Schwark:

* Pioneer in bringing scientific studies of the brain and quantum physics to Brazil in 2001 upon returning from the United States after his training in Psychoimmunoneurology at UCLA-CA;
* Created the own Perfect Movement® method that for fifteen years has been working with mental control practices and with a consistent and internationally recognized work for solutions to emotional problems;
* Graduated in psychology in 1986, with 30 years of therapeutic experience, now expanding her method through her MP Instructors - known as "Personal Brain" in Brazil and abroad;
* Author of ten books and numerous audios and videos.
* The only psychologist in the world to do stand-up comedy lectures open to the general public since 2007, with more than 500 performances in theaters in the south of the country and Rio de Janeiro;
* Studied neuroscience researcher since 2001, specializing in Jungian therapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming, linked to IONS - American Institute of Quantum Physics Studies.
* UCLA - University of California - LA / USA - 2018 - Neuroscience studies in the area of ​​Intuitive Logic.



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