February 2018 MIXER: What Drives you with Guest Speakers: Patty Bennet, Juliet Murphy & Diane Tillman.

Powerful event at our OC club meeting last week. Business owners learned some Valuable lesson that affects how they run their life and business. We brought together three incredible women to speak about how core values plays a major role in life from childhood to adulthood in driving business decisions and family matters. The balance of business and family shows the importance in defining what values your business uphold in dealing with clients.

Entrepreneurs had the opportunity to learn how their core values can impact their business in better serving their customers in ways such as:
👉🏻setting priorities that honors their clients and family.
👉🏻communicating clearly to different audiences
👉🏻dealing with running a successful business while juggling to uphold values I their own household.


About the Guest Speakers

*****Patty Bennett: A Brazilian Mompreneur of 3 kids ages 12,11 and 9. In 2001 she moved to the U.S looking for the “American Dream”. But things were not as “dreamy” as she imagined, once she got to the US. Patty discovered she was a victim of labor trafficking. Fortunately, she escaped that situation and restarted life. Patty found love and married Hank and she found her calling. She is a successful Senior Sales Director in Mary Kay for 10 years. Patty is passionate about helping women change lives by giving them an opportunity to become entrepreneurs. Patty´s career offered the base for her personal and professional values. It was in MK where her core values strengthened, as she partnered with the company’s philosophy. Mary Kay Ash (the founder) Believed that life, integrity, honesty and an unwavering belief in the Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Some of Patty Bennett Accolades are:

● Has a Teaching Degree
* earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry with a minor in Biblical Counseling;
Her Mary Kay accomplishments are:
* Highest commission check in one month was three times as much as they made jointly
● Triple Crown achiever earning a beautiful diamond ring and an extra bonus of U$3,000
● Earned the use of 7 FREE career cars
● Have been in the court of sharing and earned 6 diamond rings in court of sales
● #1 Director in team building at career conference 2010 including the privilege to teach sales force.
● #1 sales director in emerald division as new director at DIT.
● Became a sales director a year after joining, and in her first year as a sales director developed 4 first line leaders, 3 second line leaders.
● Had the privilege to speak internationally to Mary Kay sales force in Brazil 2012.

******Diane Tillman: Diane Tillman is a wonderful, compassionate person – and the primary author of the award-winning Living Values Education series of five books. A Licensed Educational Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist, she worked for 23 years as a School Psychologist in southern California. Subsequently, she helped create a global values-education initiative, authored an additional ten educational resource books to help teachers help at-risk youth explore and develop values, and circled the globe numerous times to do seminars on Living Values Education and personal development in more than 30 countries. She has done values education seminars for UNESCO, ministries of education, educators, parent facilitators and street children agencies, at universities, schools and retreat centers, and in refugee camps. Her latest book is a mindful parenting guide. Diane is a meditator and enjoys teaching raja yoga meditation.

*****Juliet Murphy: Career Executive Coach

Juliet has an extensive business background. Before starting her private practice, Juliet led an award-winning leadership development program for new college graduates for a Fortune 500 company. She earned an MBA from USC’s Marshall School of Business and a Master’s in Career Development from John F. Kennedy University. She is the co-chair of the USC Marshall Undergraduate Advisory Board, where she helps the school’s educators plan curriculum for their undergraduate business programs.


Your participation was valuable to all of us and we are glad you could join us. We will be reaching out to all of you who would like to know more about membership and sponsorship options. If you are interested, please, contact us at info@ocbrazilbusinessclub.com and we will be glad to go through the options to understand how the OC BRAZIL BUSINESS CLUb will assist you and your businesses.

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